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AboutRenaissance Technical Services L.L.C

Renaissance Technical Services L.L.C. Since its establishment RTS is striving passionately to exceed its customer’s expectation and place itself as reliable business partner with utmost customer focus. RTS proudly provides various quality and cost effective technical supplies and services mainly to Oil & Gas, Construction, Marine & Ports, Power Generation sectors.

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Our Vision & MIssion

To be attain global standard in the matter of providing quality service and materials to the customers satisfaction. Towards this goal we will invest continuously in systems and facilities to add value to our business relations


Industrial Metal Fabrication / Grit Blasting / Coating.

  • All kinds of Fabrication and Erection of Structures for Chemical process and Petrochemical industries & Oil Rigs.
  • Manual /Hydraulic Catwalk system for pipe handling in drilling/work-over rigs.
  • Pipe bin / Drill Pipe Basket
  • Fixed-wing Aircraft Maintenance Platforms, Reach Deck Platform, Entry door Access Stairs.
  • Repair, Renovation, Maintenance & Modification of Fixed & Floating Roof Oil Storage Tankages and Pipes
  • S.S welding with Pickling and treatment.
  • Abrasive grit blasting and special Coating.
  • Design, Fabrication and Erection of Structures, Mud tanks & Silos.
  • Transformer shell manufacturing (Blasting, coating with leak test, welding &coating Inspection)
  • Shoe Clamp/Solar frame support.
  • Ladders, Handrail, Storage Tanks, parking shed
  • Piping & Pipe line
  • Different types of steel Molds

Customized Vehicle Fabrication / Modification / Booth Painting

  • Emergency Response Vehicles - Firefighting body (Heavy and light)/ Equipment Rescue Vehicles / EOD response vehicle/Tactical Response/ Fight Support Ambulances. Etc.
  • Ambulances Type I, Type II, Type III under specifications KKK-A-1822.These ambulances are custom built according to customer specifications.
  • Recreational Vehicle (RV)/Luxury Vehicles /Camper trailers and caravans.
  • Armed Forces Vehicle - Specializing in the Manufactured Military Vehicles /Gun mounted vehicles/Tetra Station Vehicle /accordance with MIL-STD-461 standard
  • Trailer & Truck /Cargo body/drop body/Water tanker diverse categories
  • Motorcade Vehicles – Other ancillary vehicle as part of Royal Convoy. Specializing in the Manufactured Physiotherapy units/Medical units/Ablution units/Butchery units/Etc.
  • Airport Vehicles - Potable water & Fuel trucks/Luggage Cart/Mobile stairs/Tanker/Catering truck/Ambulift, etc.
  • Vehicle Van Conversion (High Roof)/Prisoner Van/Modification Safety Guard / Stretcher Vans/Wheel Chair Vans/Transport Vehicles